Who forgot to turn on the heater? 

Ok, let’s get straight down to business. Who forgot to put on that heater called global warming? I am officially freezing my toes off.  “Yes, my jokes are dry, hoho” 

Mr.Grumpy is currently wrapped in like a little Christmas gift. He seems to be warm and happy under two layers though. I was afraid I wouldn’t have a warm enough rug since he ruined his baselayer rug last week, but this seem to work for now. Currently using 450 gram Rambo rug with a Rambo dryrug. 

It might be all in my head, but it seems like his new food is giving him more energy. Yesterday we tried going for a walk together, but it quickly turned into a Mr.grumpy walking me situation so the walk didn’t last long. 

Today I had to ride instead of lunging because the ground is frozen outside. When riding I could definitely notice he was more forward, but he spent all his energy on hating this cute little pony that was also in the arena. Even if it was like 15 meters away he wanted to attack him. So guessing that’s a side effect of the new energy. However I rather want that and just learn to ride with it, then him being lazy and energyless. 

Tomorrow I am riding in a lesson again, so then we can work on channeling the energy. 

Hope you have a nice evening!


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