Riding a dressage test for the first time 

Today it was finally time to practice riding a dressage test for the first time. 

I probably should have read the test before I tried, but overall it went alright. I’ve got a whole bunch of things I need to practice till next try-out. Like circles and where to ride on the letters. I got a bit over-excited and want to do everything fast, so need to slow down a bit as well. But it’s fun homework, so looking forward to practicing. 

The test I did. Unfortunately I don’t have it in English. 

I don’t know how it is in other countries, but in the Netherlands you got 4 tests in each level. Today I only practiced one, which I now fully remember so I’ll practice it again on Sunday. In the Netherlands you can either download the iPhone app Dressuur or check out Dressuurproeven to download each test. 

Mr.Grumpy has been a bit up and down energy wise lately. Which is not weird considering he is moving everyday more or less and isn’t the youngest anymore. After a lot of research on food,  I originally was going for the Subli omega 3 6 9, but couldn’t find it anywhere. So was recommended the Pavo Topsport Musli at the store. 

This is what Pavo says about the product:

“The high level of digestible protein in TopSport contains the essential amino acids lysine, threonine and methionine, unmissable for the building and supporting of healthy muscle tone. An oil content of 18% provides your horse with extra slow-release energy and aids in keeping your horse’s coat in top condition. And of course, TopSport is fortified with vitamins and minerals to further support your equine athlete.”

Overall I read really good stuff about it on the internet, so we will see. I’m supposed to see a difference within two weeks. So I’ll post a before and after photo then. 

Now I’m going to celebrate the weekend not leaving my sofa forever. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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