Pre selection for Dutch dressage championship 

Today when I came to the stable Mr.Grumpy had a sweet little surprise for me. 

He had decided that his layer rug was not the one for him so he tore it apart for me. 

Thanks buddy, exactly what I wanted to spend my money on this month after paying the saddle fitter, farrier and later this month dentist for you…. horses sometimes… 🙄😂

Anyway, I didn’t have much time to think about it as I was going with Lotte and the owners of the beautiful Fries Wilma B, Ronald and Carolien to the pre selection of the Dutch dressage championship. Lotte was to compete in the class L1 against 25 other people. 

We arrived well in time to take a look around the stable and check out the competition. There were some really good horses riding in between all the contestants. 

It soon turned out that loads of the horses had issues with the arena. The stable is notoriously known for being a problematic one as there for example today, were heaters in the corners and people screaming or making noises from the other side of the wall in the middle of your run. 

Lotte did two really good runs, but in the first one Wilma suddenly decided to jump to the right in the canter as someone hit the wall on the other side. As Lotte is a seasoned rider she went on with her run as well as she could and the rest went totally fine. The second one went by the book with some minor things here and there, but not much to put a finger on. 

As it was 3 hours remaining till the last contestants where done and you would hear if you had won or not we took Wilma back to the stable before riding back again to wait for the results. Of course you hope to win, but in the car there I don’t think either of us was thinking about how it would end. We didn’t have time to see many of the other contestants so it could go either way. 

However the image below says it all. Lotte became first in both runs and is now trough to the region championship. How cool isn’t that? 

Super proud of you girl. Well done! 💪🏻👌🏻 

Considering that Wilma is only a year under the saddle and Lotte was up against some really good riders, this is quite the achievement. 

It was a really nice experience to see how the championship worked and how different the levels are of the riders. In my head I went there thinking that there would only be insanely good riders, but there were riders from all walks of life. Some of the horses though. Man, I need to win the lottery! Hopefully the next one I will be able to compete in as well.


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    Nothing better than a tattered jacket! I have bought the “no rip- indestructible ” ones and my naughty horses still find a way to shred them!

    Your girl came through, so you can’t be too mad.

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