2017 – New year New opportunities 

Raise your hand if you have bought a New Year’s Eve Lottery ticket? Me me me.

Hopefully I’ll enter the year winning 30 million euros. If so the list below will look a bit different, but for now this is the goals I hope(will!) achieve in 2017.

I need something to strive for, otherwise I don’t move forward.


Of course the main goal is to become a better rider, but I feel that’s such a difficult thing to pinpoint, so I’ve set up some more tangible goals that are easier to reach: 


Eek, the big word, competitions. Even just the word makes me cringe a bit, but it’s time to get starting. The next couple of weeks me and my instructor will start practicing some of the tests to make sure I know how it works. How the girl who can’t figure out left from right is going to remember all the A B C letters I don’t know, but we shall find a way. I might need a secret ear piece so someone can scream into my ear if I ride the wrong way. 

Core core core 

I wish I could look down at my belly and see a six pack, but at the moment that’s unfortunately not the case. I’d probably do Homer Simpson proud,  but let’s face it, that’s not a good thing.  

Because I don’t have enough stomach muscles I end up putting pressure on my back while riding, which again leaves me with pretty bad back ache. So it’s time to get cracking and start strengthening my core. Not only will it help my back ache, but also my riding and sit. 

Get rid of the jellybean legs 

I give to much aid. Thinking I have to do it to make Mr.Grumpy move forward, but it’s all in my head and I need to stop doing it otherwise Mr.Grumpy will turn into Mr.Lazy. So 2017 is going to be the year my jellybean legs turn into graceful pinup legs that don’t give aid unless it’s absolutely nessescary.

Facing those fears 

The minute I step outside the indoor arena with Mr.Grumpy, it’s like Anna from Frozen come out from hiding and sneeze at me and I turn into ice(yep, spent Christmas with my lovely cousin who loves her, hence the methapore).  

This summer I spent loads of time outside, but I had one episode where I felt I didn’t have control over him anymore and now it’s stuck with me. Mr.Grumpy needs a hack or two to perform optimal during the week, so I better just buckle up and head out there with him.


2016 was a transition year for me. I’m not going to lie, 2016 was not the best year, but I learned a bucketload about myself and also others. I’m totally ready to start 2017 with clean sheets. 

No more doubts 

I wonder how many times I’ve wanted to do something and then I end up not doing it because I start doubting myself. In 2017 I’m going to bring out my inner Beyoncé and just go for it. They say brutal people own the world, so it’s time to become brutal. 

Becoming good at failing 

This goes hand in hand with doubt, but I can’t stand failing. And when you can’t stand failing you have a tendency not to try. What happens when you don’t try? You don’t grow. 

In 2017 I’m going to become so good at failing, that even if I fail at all my goals, at least I’ve tried and learned that it’s ok to fail. 

Travel more 

In 2015 I did over 40 flights, in 2016 I did less then 10, it’s time to change that in 2017. There is so many beautiful and interesting places on this earth I want to see. Time to spend some more money on myself instead of Mr.Grumpy. Haha 

So that was my goals for 2017 so far. I have a few more, more personal ones which I won’t share here, but overall I’m really excited for the new year. Hopefully it will start with me becoming a millionaire 😉


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