2016 – a up and down year

We are almost at the end of 2016, which means it’s time for a year summary! 

It’s the first full year that I’ve been the owner of Mr.Grumpy. It’s been a year with ups and downs and even tough I’ve had a few times that I thought “gosh, now you’re being put up for sale”, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. 

January – February 

January and February was spent doing loads of private lessons. Generally we spent the lessons laughing, specially since I never managed to get into left canter and would swear A L O T. I was such a newbie at this point. 


Finally I bought a new saddle. The old one killed my back and wasn’t good for Mr.Grumpy so it was good for both for us. The riding went so so as I was very tired. Thankfully I have a very understanding instructor that would let me have slow lessons as I didn’t have much energy to give more. Luckily for me Mr.Grumpy had Nicolette that would take him out for hacks and generally take great care of him. 

Finally spring was around the corner as well and the rugs were left back in the closet when he went outside!

April – May

Because I has been so tired I had some extra time off in April and May. The time was spent letting Mr.Grumpy out everyday. We also took part in some clinics and our riding was becoming better little by little. 

The weather was great during this periode so I also learned to lunge him without a rope by his old owner which was a lot of fun. 


June must have gone by in a second as I can’t remember much of what we did together. It was the month I bought my new boots which gave me the worst flesh wound ever. We also spent a lot of time riding outside. 

July – August 

July and August wasn’t great for us. Mr.Grumpy started coughing and suddenly his fur was very tick. When riding he was extremely slow, lost all of his muscles and didn’t seem happy. Within a two week periode the vet was called in 3 times I think, all for different reasons. We started suspecting that he has Cushing as it was way to warm for his tick fur. I cried my eyes out to the vet as I thought we had to put him down, I literally didn’t stop for two hours. Haha( miss overdramatic over here). We did manage to get in some nice rides and I went on my first proper hack though. 

September – October 

In September Mr.Grumpy still wasn’t himself. So we changed his food and vitamins in hope that it would make it better. The vet let us know that his back was being very bad so we had to start lunging 3 times a week. For the rest I spent a lot of time cantering in the forest and generally trying to make things more pleasant for him. In October the virus finally started to lift. The fur started to shed and he started feeling a lot better. We also got to know that he didn’t have Cushing(ppid) at all. We could finally start to look forward. 

November – December 

November and December was spent doing  a lot of group lessons. It was the first time I finally felt we had a good flow in our riding and that we were becoming more of a team. Our riding now compared to the beginning of the year is a world of difference. It has become so much better. 

Mr.Grumpy finally started growing proper muscles again and had more energy. It did end a bit on a low note as Mr.Grumpy became sick, but hopefully it will lift quickly and we can continue learning and growing in 2017.  

A long read, but if you came this far, I hope you enjoyed it. 


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