Dumbie home for Christmas 

I’ve started noticing lately that my head is not completely there. Generally it just means I forget some stuff here and there, but what I managed yesterday really tops the cake. 

It was time to finally fly home to Norway for Christmas. I got up at 06.00, tired and probably more grumpy then a normal behaving Mr.Grumpy. Went to the airport at 7 and was happy I was in time, or so I tought….

As I was checking in the guy behind the counter looked at me and said “eh Miss, you’re a little bit late, your flight is in 10 minutes and you won’t reach it now”. It then dawned on me that my flight was an hour earlier then I had thought. ….. I’ve never felt so dumb in my life. Ive never ever missed a flight in my life, but I guess one time it had to happen….luckily KLM was in a festive mood and my track record of bad service with them was broken as they changed my ticket to the next flight for very little money. High five KLM.

As I was stressing with the flight Mr.Grumpy went to the vet for his cough as well. It was the same thing as he had this summer, which is literally something to do with dust. So he has now been moved for a different stable with a shaving bedding instead. Within two weeks he should be all healthy again.  So all good in time for Christmas.


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