Sick little man 

I wish I could come with some pompous update about doing flying changes and pirouettes, but unfortunate I can’t. Mr.Grumpy has been hit by the flue epidemie that is flying across the country and his currently coughing really badly. 

I tried riding today, but he became totally out of breath and started coughing more, so tomorrow the vet will have to come by. Hopefully it’s just something little and it will go by quickly. When he started coughing this summer it ended up in a 2-3 month weird virus, which I’m really not interested in this time around considering he just got back in shape again. So cross your fingers that everything will go well!

I myself am flying back to Norway for Christmas vacation tomorrow. Luckily I know Mr.Grumpy is in good hands while I’m gone, so he will have everything he needs. 

I’ll update from the land of Santa next time. 


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