Outside fun 

After a week of 4 lessons indoors it was finally time to get some fresh air and ride outside. 

Now as most of you know I’m not the biggest hero outside,  but with some mental support from Louise and Wietske we had a nice ride. It always feels a bit better when your not totally alone in the arena. 

Mr.Grumpy seem to think it was nice to be outside as well and behaved accordingly. He even decided to canter when I wanted to on the left side, so thumbs up for that. As I believe in positive reinforcement I’m trying to thank him every time he does something good, which seems to be helping a little. For the rest we didn’t really focus on anything special, it was Sunday after all 😉 We ended the nice ride with a wind down in the little park beside the arena.

As we came back my little nephew came, so he had a little ride as well. It’s so cute to see how he smiles from ear to ear when he gets to ride. 

I didn’t think the new browband from schockemohle would fit, but it actually does.  At first I wanted one in gold, but as the rest of the tack is black with silver I went with silver this time around. 

Now, before we end this blog. Norway winning eurochampionship in handball. So good! 


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