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I must admit that I almost shed a tear the other day when I saw Charlotte Dujardin do her parade round on Valegro for the last time. He has been such an ambassador for the sport for a long time, and somewhere a long the lines it feels good that for once they don’t go for the money and sell him. Big thumbs up to Carl for that.

I have never been a person that looks up to artists or famous people. I’ve always looked up to people with strong minds that does things differently. For me Charlotte Dujardin is one of those people. She’s definitely have had more training than most of us, but the fact that she rides into the Olympia arena cool as a cucumber  and does her thing just show how strong she is mind wise. Most of us would be destroyed by nerves even if we say we wouldn’t be.

I’ve always had this insane need to win. When we had gym at school I would hate getting into a team with people that wouldn’t give their all. I don’t play to loose, I play to win. Pair this with an insane need for perfection and you’ve got your worst enemy in front of you. Lately I’ve noticed that that I’m letting this get in my way when it comes to my riding. 

Because I want to win and be perfect at the same time I totally ruin my own riding. I get stressed and my body becomes super stiff. Instead of riding together with Mr.Grumpy I’m riding against him, which is not the meaning. 

The good thing about knowing this is that you can do something about it. One of the things I will focus on in 2017 is to let my shoulders down. Learn to breath with my stomach and instead of striving so badly for perfection, having fun instead. You can have as fit body as you want, but if you’re mind ain’t with you, you won’t get anywhere, specially not on a horse. 

The good thing about Dujardin is that she’s a human, so if she can do it, so can we 🙂


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