Flying lungehelp 

I think Mr.Grumpy shares my thoughts regarding lunging and found out he had to bring some action to it.

As mentioned before I use a lungehelp while lunging him to make sure he uses his back properly. 

Like this one.

Today everything went fine, until he started cantering and in some miraclelous way, managed to get his foot over on one side so the whole thing got loose and started flying around him like a rocking ring. 

The lungehelp is connected to the bit, so for a second I got really scared he would step on it and pull out his entire mouth. But as gracious as the man is, he decide to stop and looked at me like I was a retard for putting this thing on him in the first place. Guess I got to tighten it a bit more next time.

I did the rest of the training without the help and he was doing really well. He is becoming more and more relaxed in his neck and back so towards the end he was freely walking with his head towards the sand. I really wish I could feel this excited about loosing wheight as well, I would have had a body like Doutzen right now. Haha

Other then that no more exciting things to report. Other than that I’ve been in bed since 10. Yep, I’m a total grandma. 

Have a nice evening.


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