Jumping jack doll 

Oh how time flies when you’re busy. 

Two days I’ve gone by without me being able to update the blog. 

Let’s start of with yesterday. When I came to the stable I noticed that Mr.Grumpy was coughing a lot. After checking his stable I quickly realized that it was because of the new hay. He is very sensitive to such things. But I was adviced to still ride so on we went.

Have you ever had the feeling of sitting on your horse like a jumping jack doll? Yesterday my arms and legs were literally flying everywhere. Mr.Grumpy was moving really well though and we did our first proper travers together, which was a lot of fun. I love learning those stuff. Mr. Grumpy did cough a lot in the beginning, but after a while it stopped. 

Don’t know what a jumping jack doll is? Here you go:

Just imagine my head on top of that bear. 

Today I wanted to redeem myself a little as my head wasn’t all there during yesterday’s ride, so today I focused on keeping arms and legs where they should be. Mr.Grumpy was extremely slow in the beginning, but after a while he got more loose and forward thinking. 

He still has that nasty cough so today I put him on some medicine so hopefully it will be gone soon. He sounded a bit more droggy/slimey today, but hopefully it won’t get worse. Before I leave the stable I always make sure to do his stretches. Today he was his lovely self before doing them:

Hence the name of this blog. Haha


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