How to lose weight fast 

For some reason my YouTube have started recommending me videos containing info on how to lose wheight fast. After a day like today where no food can stop my craving it feels kinda insulting that it’s doing that. Anyone been into my YouTube wanting to give me a hint or two? Haha 

Today I’ve literally not left the sofa beside  going to the fridge or toilet. I promised myself to take a full day off and after yesterday shenanigans it wasn’t like I could do anything else anyway. 

The last 12 hours has been spent on watching a clinic given by Carl Hester some years ago, but still very insightful on how to get those hind legs moving. I managed to find a new girth, which I ended up buying on a German site. Last time I did that I totally misunderstood what I was buying so hopefully that ain’t happening this time. I also found the browband I wanted on eBay. So now all horsy Christmas gifts are bought. Horse-shopping ban is back on. 

Mr.Grumpy had a day off today as well. I must honestly say it felt nice not having to go to the stable. Sometimes it good to take a step back to figure out what you want to do next. I’ll write another post on my goals for 2017.

On Friday we went outside after having a ride in the indoor arena. Inside he was a nightmare and wouldn’t go on the bit or listen to the leg, but outside he perked up. A bit too much for my taste, but we did manage to survive “super scary” goats, bird and a hawk. The hawk had decided to land on a branch of a tree and I had to ride 2 meters under it. I must admit I almost closed my eyes and prayed that it wouldn’t fly away just as we passed it. But it decided to stay put and Mr.Grumpy didn’t notice it luckily. I noticed it was good for him to be outside, so need to start forcing myself to do it more in the future. 

Totally random post,  but who cares, it’s Sunday. Have a nice eve.


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