Turning circles 

Today was the normal lunge day for Mr.Grumpy. At the moment he is being lunged twice a week so that he get his movement in without putting pressure on his back. 

I was all excited that that I was going to film how he is moving now compared to a couple of months ago. Unfortunately someone with blonde hair forgot that it would be really dark outside before I even managed to get to the stable. So the video will have to wait. 

He is overall moving a lot better at the moment. Once a week I do it with lungehelp and once a week not so that he will learn to relax his neck without help. So far we are moving closer to the ground(his head that is) every week, which is really interesting to see. As I couldn’t take any photo of it, here is a little vitamin tips instead. 

During the summer Mr.Grumpy became a hairy monster and I didn’t understand why. One of the things I changed was his biotine vitamins. I came across the brand Equistro on the vlogs of Jill Huijbreghts. I’ve also seen it work it’s wonder on another horse at the stable.  Nowadays Mr.Grumpy looks so good and the hairs are kept at a minimum plus his hoofs are so much better. 

You can buy it at several stores in the Netherlands, but you can find it the cheapest at Agradi. One pot costs 48euro, which seems a lot, but it lasts for two months instead of one month like most vitamin pots. 


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