Blister ass 

So as the headline state, I’ve run into some serious ass issues. 

I very easily get blisters. If you would see my feet you would probably think that someone had tortured me as they are full of wounds from blisters. 

Anyhow, now my dear friends. I’ve managed to get a blister on a place that I would never imagine myself getting a blister and boy does it hurt. So where is this spot? Yep, you guessed it right. Straight across my ass. 


One of my riding breeches got a leather seat and the seam of the leather seat gives me blisters. Because I noticed it start to rub yesterday I decided to put on another one today in hope that it wouldn’t get worse. I was wrong. Even going into the shower after riding made me want to jump out of it again. Seriously. I’m pretty sure such things only happens to me. Haha 

And no, I’m not entirely sure why I’m telling you this, maybe so that you can see not everybody’s life is a walk in the park. 😂

Since my ass isn’t made for social media I’m adding one of Mr. grumpy instead. Think that’s better for you guys as well…. 

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