Oh how I wish I could ride similar to Anky, oh how far away I am from that. Haha 

Today I almost managed to fall off by getting my wip stuck between my saddle and thigh. How do one do that? Bet Anky wouldn’t know. 

Mr.Grumpy was extremely slow in the beginning and I had a hard time activating his back legs. After a while it went better,  but not our best lesson. Tomorrow I’ve got another one, so hopefully it will go better then. Can’t be Anky everyday.

At this moment I’ve got to cats running around the house chasing each other. I was so afraid at first that they would never become friends, but little by little it’s getting better. I must admit I wanted to give up two days in when they kept going at each other , but luckily I have a positive nelly of a boyfriend who kept saying it would be ok. Today they were eating at the same time beside eachother, so guess that’s a win. The little one doesn’t react to noise or sounds though, so I have a slight feeling she’s either deaf or hears bad. Is that a bad thing in cats? Never had to deal with that before. 

Good night.


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