Canter without stirrups 

Today it was time for another sitlesson. I figured it would be one of those where  you would learn to sit straight and look pretty,  but the instructor Michel van Loon wouldn’t let us off that easily.

We started off with taking away the stirrups and had to walk, trot and canter without them. I’m definitely no hero when it comes to riding without stirrups, but it went pretty well. I didn’t fall off which is a big plus of course.  Mr.Grumpy has a tendency to move very weirdly if you come to close by in the canter, but he behaved like a dream. 

 I’m one of those that have a complete miscommunication between legs and arms. So if I focus on my legs, my arms fly everywhere and vice versa. However I learned a lot and at the end of the lesson I was sitting a lot better. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a lesson in a long time. When you’re six chickens bouncing here and there, it’s bound to end up in laughter.

I was meant to take some nice photos, but it’s been pouring rain all day. I let Mr.Grumpy out in the rain,  but he would have none of it and decided to stand the still the entire time underneath a tree. 

Poor thing. I took him inside and fed him carrots to make him happy again. 

Now it’s time for Netflix and tea! Happy Sunday eve.


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