A couple of months ago Mr.Grumpy had this really annoying habit of moving around when I was mounting/getting on him. I used weeks to get it away, and was so happy when I finally did. But for some reason, he’s started doing it again this week. 

Today I came to the stable, literally crossed eyed from being tired after a long week. I had choco puffs for dinner because I was too tired to warm up the food from yesterday, that’s the level of tiredness we’re talking here. Anyhow, so I get Mr.Grumpy saddled and walked into the lesson. 

And guess what, he starts moving around worse then ever. Only this time, within a minute, 8 out of 11 people just had to give their opinion on how I should solve it. Some of them at the same time. 
So there you stand with your horse that doesn’t want to listen, 8 people haggling comments at you and all you want to do is  to sit down and cry. I get that you want to help out, but there is a time and place for everything. The stable Mr. Grumpy is standing at has very good instructors, so if I have an issue, the only people I will ask, is them or the other person riding Mr.Grumpy. Why? Because they know. It’s what they do everyday.

I truly appreciate that you just want to give your opinion, but sometimes you just gotta leave people alone. At least my mom thought me to do that when I see people stressing out…. 

Anyhow, onto something more exciting. Today I tried the new fur girth from BR equestrian on Mr.Grumpy. I am not entirely sure what I think of it yet, as it was really hard to get it properly tight and I felt the saddle move during riding. Which definitely is not the meaning. However I did notice that he walked better and more comfortable with it. Will have to try it on for a couple of more days. It’s super soft thought, thumbs up for that. 

Now someone is going to sleep very well!


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