Slobber me here and slobber me there 

You know those people that get out of bed in the morning. Fresh as a daisy, thinking that everything is amazing. Then they move on to making smoothies and whatnot before leaving for work. 

Let me tell you right here and now. That’s not me. I’ll rather sleep an extra 15 min then making a smoothie and that’s the exact same feeling I have about Slobber. 

Half a year ago or so I bought a bag of slobber for Mr.Grumpy, but as he got sick and I was afraid he couldn’t have to much sugar I left it in the back of my car where it stayed until today. First of all I put too much water in the bucket and second of all it was too warm. So I had to wait before giving it and then once I gave it his whole face turned into a musliball. Mr.Grumpy loved it of course, but I already gave the rest of the bag away. Haha 

Beside our little slobber adventure we took it chill today. We’ve been on a morning stroll together.

 Then he went rolling in the mudd so it took me an hour to make him clean again. 

Now I’m going to try to find a furgirth, which seems to be a rather difficult task.


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