Relaxing Sunday with a touch of drama 

Today there was a showjumping competition at my stable so my cute little nephew came to visit to take a look at it and of course cuddle Mr.Grumpy. 
Sunday is currently funday for Mr.Grumpy and the day he gets totally off. So unfortunately he couldn’t ride him today, but seemed to enjoy watching the other people jump around on their horses. After watching for a while we decided to go for a walk with Mr.Grumpy as the weather was so nice. 

As he hadn’t been outside yet I let him let off some steam in the lunging area. Which started off relaxing, but quickly turned into a race competition on another level.

​ At first I took off his rug so he could move more, but after a while I decided he had to go back in to make sure he wouldn’t hurt himself. 
I managed to calm him down quite a bit before we went back, but as I was just about to walk on the side of the outdoorarena a dog came out of nowhere and attacked him. He got so scared he went on his back legs and thereafter started running around me. It all went so quickly, but the only thing I was thinking was to not let him go as there were far to many people outside for him to run loose. Luckily the owner of the stable(👍🏻 Carla) was riding in the arena so she helped me. 
Of course the dog was from some walkers who were a 100 meters away from the dog and had no idea what was going on. Love such people. But it all went well and I got Mr.Grumpy back to his stable without any  damage. 
After the little scene my nephew got to groom Wilma(the Frisian which has been on here earlier) with a big smile. He even got to lead her back to her stable. It’s so cute to see how happy horses can make kids.
Except for the little drama it was a really nice Sunday in the sun!


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