No Cushing 

As some of you might have read on Facebook or Instagram already, yesterday I got to know that Mr.Grumpy doesn’t have the illness of Cushing/PPID. 
I was quite nervous when I picked up the phone, but the vet delivered the news with a laugh. So most likely he had a virus of some sort this summer when he got all his fur.  After all it doesn’t really matter now, most important is that he is feeling better and building up his muscles and condition again. I can hardly remember my own vitamins, so good thing I don’t have to give him a pill everyday, haha 
I don’t really ride on Saturday, but today we had a nice group lesson. As I’ve been so focused on getting him in the correct canter I’ve never actually tried counter canter, but today I got to practice it a little which was a lot of fun. I’m one of those that get easily bored when I just ride around and around in the arena, but this lesson was full of different figures and excersizes that the lesson went by in a sec. I’m so happy I have a horse that I’m actually able to learn so much from. 

We also had a little manicure/pedicure session afterwards. I wonder when I will be able to stop getting 1 kg of hair off him every time I brush him.  After 3 weeks of brushing we must be getting close to the end 😜.
Hope you’ll have a nice Saturday evening. Mine is going to be spent on the sofa with a nice movie.

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