Make them believe they can, and they will 

One thing I’ve noticed in the Netherlands and in the horse world is that it seems to be a tabu talking about your goals and dreams. 
My ultimate goal is to one day ride on a Grand Prix level. 
Whenever I tell this to people, most start laughing and whispering, but Maria why do you have that as a goal? Ha ha ha. Insinuating it’s not possible. The Dutch calls this “nuchterheid”- sobriety, but to me it’s just bluntly rude and negative. 
Why is that such a bad goal to have? And who gave you the right to crush my goal? 
I didn’t say it would happen tomorrow, I said it was my ultimate goal. Wheather it takes me ten years- twenty years, that’s my goal and mind you, who gave you the right to laugh at it?
Luckily for me, I’ve learned a long time ago to let such comments slide in one ear and out the other, but the issue starts when these type of goalkillers start saying such things to the younger generation. 
My childhood was 90% people telling me I couldn’t,  but I had 4 people(my grandfather, my handball trainer and 2 teachers) telling me I could. Those 4 people helped me get through high school and university, their also the important factor why I today own my own car, house and horse. 
Making the youth believe that they can is so extremely important for their outlook on life. A kid that doesn’t believe he can, will never manage to do what he wants to do. 
Please don’t be a goalkiller. Let the youth or anyone for that matter believe they can, and encourage them on the way instead of putting them down. 

Generally not a quote’s type of person, but love these two.

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