Speedy Gonzales 

As there were dressage  competitions at the stable the whole day today my original plan was to give Mr.Grumpy a day off to chill. But when I woke up this morning the weather was to beautiful not to ride outside. So saddled him up and went for a gallop. 
Mr.Grumpy loved it and went full force forward to a point where I was thinking that today was going to be the day I would fly off. We had a bit of “kangaroo” jumps here and there, but for the rest it went good. I can’t complain though, I rather want a horse that feels fit and runs great than one that doesn’t want to run at all. 
The rest of the day I spent cleaning all the tack and rubbing it in with leather oil. I tried this new oil from Rapide that I bought a while ago and it’s really good. Makes the tack look really shiny and healthy. The smell on the other hand… ugh
Now me and some girls are going to see  Bridget Jones diary at the cinema. Hopefully it’s as funny as everyone says. Happy Sunday everyone.

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