Horse hotdog and ass sniffers

I’m generally not a person that gives up, but today I had to raise the white flag while riding. 
After 50 minutes of constantly thinking about how much money I would make if I made Mr.Grumpy into horse hotdog I gave up. Holy moly there was a lot of ugly words going through my mind at a certain point. And then as an ending the woman whom I’ve told so bloody many times to stay away from Mr.Grumpy just had to ride her horse straight up his ass. Pretty sure there were coming steam from under my cap at that point. 
I always wonder how such people drive their car. Probably just like that woman at a roundabout this morning who seemed to think that the road was hers and decided to enter the roundabout evenetough I was already in it so I had to stop and make a huge line behind me……
If you got a spare punch bag, just send it over here. I’ll use it after I’ve had my hot chocolate  with cream. 
Since Mr.Grumpy was an absolute lulletje rozenwater(idiot) today you get a picture of Jimmy instead. Haha

I promise I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.

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