1.Year Anniversary 

Today me and Mr.Grumpy have our 1 year anniversary. 

I remember seeing this photo of him and instantly falling in love.
So this day last year I picked him up and the minute he stepped out of the trailer he walked lame. The horse I had tried twice and watched at competition was not walking correctly straight away.
However after a week from hell where we ended up changing stables back to where he came from and two different vet appointments it all ended well luckily. 

I am so happy I ended up changing stables, and I doubt that it would have gone very well if I hadn’t. I’ve gotten so much help from people and learned so much. I honestly would never have sold Mr.Grumpy to myself if I had seen how hysterical I was the first months, but thankfully with all the help we’ve managed to get quite far. It almost feels like I’ve gained a new horse family. 
My life before Mr.Grumpy was loads of travels, expensive dinners, expensive handbags, redicolous taxi rides and loads of people one shouldn’t have in their life. I often complain that I have no money anymore, but the joy he gives me is well worth it, especially on a day like today when he walks like a star. 
Thank you Kim, Julia, Nicolette, Ton, Carla, Christa, Michel. And the rest of the Spaarnwoude family. I should have brought cake, but you can all grab a carrot from my closet. Hahah 

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