Horse and carriage 

Today Mr.Grumpy had a well deserved day off. He’s been working a lot the last weeks so today he got to chill outside and have a walk in the walker. He’s been really spicy lately, on Thursday he almost bucked me off and on Friday he got terrified of some kids on a trampoline. Hopefully the day off will chill him out a bit. Tomorrow it’s our 1 year together anniversary, so we will have to celebrate. 
Anyhow, today I went on my first proper horse and carriage tour. Of course I’ve been in one of those super slow city ones before, but this was fast and fun. Was so nice to relax in the sun, was like being on a boat, but on land. Super nice. 
It always amazes me how much control you can have over a horse. Considering if it realized that it could crush us in minutes if it only knew. Though what surprised me was how little respect car drivers have when it comes to horse and carriage. I hope it comes down to that people just simply don’t know that horses can freak out, otherwise some people seriously need to learn some road etiquette. We also came across a girl that had fallen of her horse because someone had honked with the horn at her and the horse got scared and bucked her off. Totally not ok! 
There was also a special day at the stable with Grand Prix rider Danielle Kur giving clinics. Was nice to check out some of the combinations, specially those that came from other stables. There was one big black horse that was so beautiful. If I only had like 20k euros, haha. (No no Mr.Grumpy, don’t worry, I’m not exchanging you).

Now I’m stuffed up on cake made by the mother of my bestie. So good. 
Thumbs up for today!

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