It can't always go well 

The most frustrating thing with horse riding must have to be that even if you are having a good day, it might be that your horse doesn’t and the training doesn’t go as you would want to because of this.
Today Mr.Grumpy lived up to his name and was really grumpy. When I was grooming he was grumpy, when I was saddling up he was grumpy and when I was riding he was most certainly grumpy. So I kept it to a bare minimum and just made sure he got his muscles moved and stretched out. 
It’s been going so well lately that I guess he is allowed to have an off day. Afterwards I made sure that he got all clean and under his rug again. With some food in his mouth he seemed happy again. #dramaqueen. 
Now I’m in a discussion with myself wheater or not to buy a extra rug. I only got really warm ones, so I don’t know if I need a bit lighter one to keep his hairs to a minimum. Will write a post on what I figure out later.


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