Review : Flexible Stirrups HB

For a while I kept having issues with my knees when I had gone on long rides or been riding several days after each other. Every time I would get off I would have a sharp pain run through my knees and leave them sore for the rest of the day. 
So as Maria normally does, she went online and researched what could possibly help solve this issue. The first thing that popped up was that flexible stirrups could potentially help. So I started researching different brands who had them. For those who don’t know, a flexible stirrups comes with a moving part as seen on the picture below so that the stirrups moves and bends with your foot and lowers the amount of shock your knees or ankles absorb every time you ride. 

The first brand I came across was the Sprenger 4 system, but unfortunately for me I don’t have the money to carve out such an amount for stirrups. They cost around 150,- if I’m not wrong. So I had to look further until I came across these that are sold at Epplejeck for 39.95,- euro.
The first week of using them they felt really weird and my legs were moving a lot, but once I got used to them they’re  actually really good. My knee problems are totally gone and I feel much more stable when I ride. So if you are looking for a cheaper, but still good version of the flexible stirrup, then don’t hesitate to check out these ones. Thumbs up for these!


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