Open day at the stable 

Today it was time for the annual open day at the stable were Mr.Grumpy is staying. 
Since there was a lot of fun things planned for children I went there with my sister in law and my nephew which is obsessed with horses. 
We first checked out the Clinic given by Michel van Loon, normally he would ride on his Grand Prix horse, but as she’s currently out of the running he had to do it on another horse, but still fun and insightful to watch. Short video available on Instagram. 

Thereafter we went to applaude for the stable as it got its 4th star by FNRS which is the Dutch riding association which decide the amount of stars a schoolstable should get. Well deserved star!

When that was done we went to check out a specific clinic they gave on making horses less easily spooked. Was very entertaining as some of the horses didn’t want to do what was asked. 

As my nephew is so in love with horse riding I let him ride on Mr.Grumpy as a nice end to the day. They are so cute together and Mr.Grumpy is way nicer with children than with grown ups. 

We ended the day with checking out the foal, which is turning out so cute. 

Really nice day and well done to the stable for putting together such a fun day for children and grown ups. Right now I feel like this man though :


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