Horse not for sale anymore 

When the alarm went off this morning it took me probably 10 minutes before I realized it was my own alarm. I could think of a thousand other things that I would rather do then sit on a horseback again after yesterday’s hell ride. But after a bit of discussion with myself I managed to drag myself out of bed, into some riding clothes and went. 
But luckily as it often is with horses, not one day is the same and today was definitely different and a lot better then yesterday. The lesson went for the most part really well and he was moving a lot better then the previous week.
Everyone can sit on a horseback, but learning to ride a horse well and pretty is an undertaking of its own. Next week I need to work on being consequent and letting him do the work instead of me. The minute I do the work my hands fly everywhere, which is definitely not the meaning. So good lesson and loads of new things learnt today. Meaning he is not for sale anymore. 
Though I think my boyfriend will disagree with me as he just bit him really hard in the arm. Haha 

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