Horse for sale 

You know, not every ride can be amazing, but today was one of those rides were all I was thinking “gosh all I want to do right now is sell you”. Literally not one thing went right, his head was to high, he was to slow, didn’t listen to the leg and so forth and so forth. As a respons I turned into some little angry troll that started waving with arms and legs while screaming war songs. Yeah ok, maybe not that bad, but pretty close. 
But since I am supposed to be thinking positive thoughts, today’s lesson was a lesson in staying calm and collected. Tried walking and counting to ten for a couple of times. Generally not the type to do that, but it did work. At the end of the day, getting angry on your horse is pretty much useless. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully I won’t need to sell him then. Haha 
Must be something with my animals today. I have a tv hanging on the wall and my cat just got her claw stuck underneath it and started hanging from it. Was hilarious to look at until she started screaming like a little baby. Had to help the poor thing down again.
Not a normal day in other words, but it does keep life entertaining I guess.


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