Competition day 

Today it was time for another competition day. 
As last time the weather was acting up and the wind was pretty bad, which in return made the horses pretty hot and spooky. However no wind and rain could stop the combinations today so both went home with some well deserved points. 
Even tough I don’t compete myself yet I love to go with other people to prepare, help and watch them compete. You can learn so much from seeing how other combinations deals with certain situations. Anything from loading on the trailer to how they warm up before they start. 
Today’s horses were/are far hotter then Mr.Grumpy and it gave me the realization that I have so much to learn and some serious balls to grow. But that’s the great thing with horses, the minute you get cocky and think you know it all, they’ll make sure to remind you, you don’t. 
Tomorrow it’s time for another lesson to learn some more 😉 

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