Seeing Stars 

Today started early as we had lesson from 10-11. Yep, tried riding on a Monday for once. 
As it was Monday it of course couldn’t go without a bit of randomness…. I usually tack Mr.Grumpy up in his box as this is better for him. He doesn’t like to have a lot of horses around him while tacking up and can get really grumpy and attacking if you do it close to others. He also can’t be hooked up as he then have a tendency to hang. But ok, today I was tacking him up as normal and he was having his head outside the box as he usually does. The only difference was that today when I walked out to get saddle he got scared of something, then reared in the box and hit his head full force into the ceiling of the box. The whole box was singing and you could see him see stars. So now Mr.Grumpy has a big fat ugly wound on his face…. 
On the other side the lesson went really well. The coughing has stopped since he got his medicine so we now seem to be going forwards instead of a continuous backwards. Now I just need to learn that I shouldn’t ride on my toes. Haha 

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