Summer Cough 

After 3 weeks of forrest hacks and lunging it was finally time to start lessons this week. But as luck would have it Mr.Grumpy started coughing quite badly when cantering. I had a hope that it would be because of the hot weather and that it would go away after a few days, but unfortunately not. So the veterinarian had to come again and check it. That’s two strikes in two weeks(my bank account is hating him at the moment) Luckily she couldn’t find anything really bad and figured it was down to the dust and warm weather. He is now on some medicine for a week in hope that that will help, otherwise we will have to change his box to sawdust. The veterinarian did mention that he looked a lot better then two weeks ago, so that’s always good news. Beside the coughing he was feeling really well when we rode, so hopefully next week it will be without the snot and coughing. Someone needs to build up some muscles again, that’s for sure! 

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