Lunge day = Exersice day 

As promised every day I lunge Mr.Grumpy I also have to go to the gym. So today started at the gym at 09.00, working out for an hour. Hi five to myself. 

Thereafter Mr.Grumpy got his excersize done. We were both very happy that it was sunny instead of raining. Afterwards I was tanning while he was walking around in the paddox till he got tired of it. 

After picking up the boyfriend at the airport and having dinner I went back to let him out again so he wouldn’t stand inside the whole day. 10 mommy points to me. 

Then we went to the beach to end the day there and look at the sunset.  That’s what I like the most about Haarlem, you have the woods and the beach so close by while  still feeling like you’re in the city.  

Good day today! 🤘🏻

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