To hot to handle 

While the eventing horses all seemed pretty easy to handle and went through the vet-check gracefully, some of the dressage horses seemed to hot to handle:

There is no Norwegian rider, so guess Patrik Kittel will have to be my man. Looking at this photo I’m sure he will win… Haha 

Most of them are also wearing normal sporting clothes compared to the eventers who most of them looked super fancy. However the Netherlands knows what’s up: 

Edward Gal – Glock’s Voice 

Adelinde Corneliussen – Parzival 
Lastly we got the Olympic champion Charlotte Dujardin – Valegro from 2012 together with her instructor Carl Hester and Nip tuck. 

As I like the riding style of Charlotte Dujardin best of all of the above my bet is on her. 

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