Today started with that I realized when I got to the stable that I had forgot my riding breeches at home, but then luckily I had some old ones in the back of the truck of my car so we could go for a ride after all.
Typical Monday. Haha.
The good thing of the day is that we went galloping on the circle alone for the first time. It felt so good. 
But it’s overshadowed by the fact that there is something wrong with Mr.Grumpy. For a couple of weeks he has been very on and off. When I ride him he comes across extremely tired and he doesn’t want to move forward. His winter coat is suddenly back in full glory which worries me as it’s pretty warm at the moment. My worst nightmare is that he has got Cushing’s disease. I hoped that his coat would let go, but as it hasn’t and he is not becoming better I will call the vet tomorrow. Hopefully it will only be a virus and it will all be good again. Keep your thumbs up for us! 

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