The Horse tag 

I know loads of people are totally into Vlogs nowadays, and I’ve seen some of these question tags there, but figured I could do one on this blog as well! 
So here we go: 
English or Western riding?: English. Not a fan of western.
Saddle or bareback?: Saddle, Grumpy doesn’t like bareback.
Most expensive thing bought? My new saddle. Eeek 

Cheapest thing bought? Probably treats and a hoof pick.
Favorite product/grooming tool? Sectolin anti klit, Cowboy Magic shampoo and Oyster brushes.
Breed of horse? Zangersheide/KWPN
Stocky or sleek?: Sleek
Pleasure or sport riding? Both!
Does your tack have a theme? Yes, black. 

Favorite horse treats? Grumpy loves Lickit and apple treats.
What do they eat?: ugh, don’t really know how to explain this in English, but a mix of hay, Musli and normal horse food. 
Horse name? Mr.Grumpy.

Do you own him? Yes.
Do they know any tricks? Grumpy knows his stretches, so he puts his head between his legs on my command. He can also be lunges without a rope.
Favorite place to ride? In the outdoor arena and warming up to the woods as well. 
Walk, trot, lope or gallop? Lope. 
How do you feel when you are on a horse? Happy! It’s the only time my brain manages to switch off from its continuous thinking. Couldn’t live without it. 
Ever fallen off a horse, and is there a story?: I’ve actually never fallen off a horse before(knock on wood!), but I’ve had a few times were I’ve held on for dear life not to. A couple of weeks ago a horse went mental in the arena while I was riding Grumpy and he got so scared he took a huge leap to the left, I on the other hand didn’t take the leap, so there was a moment there I figured I would hit the ground for the first time, but miraclusly I managed to stay on. 


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