Last night at we were already on the airport and on our way to Spain where we will be staying for a week. 
We’ve rented a house on top of a hill close to Marbella. It’s so beautiful here. The view is breathtaking and it’s so nice to feel the warmth and the sun again. We arrived in Malaga around 7am and picked up our rental car to go to the house. 
The rental company gave us a Fiat 500, which is such a cute car, but the struggle is certainly real up the mountains here. Earlier we had to defeat, roll back and try again. It’s giving me great laughs tough. The rest of the day has been spent by the pool and just relaxing. Which will be more or less the everyday plan for this vacation. To do absolutely nothing. 

How beautiful isn’t it here?
When I saw some cute horses at the side of the road I of course had to stop and take some snaps. There are loads of horses here. On the field close to the house there is a mother with its little boy/girl, so cute! 

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