Today I got up quite early to get on with a bit of work before I got on my way to the stable. Mr.Grumpy had already been into the woods with my lease rider, but I let him out so he could have some chill time in the sun.
There was also a showjumping competition at my stable today. I love to watch showjumping both on Telly as well in real life. I can’t imagine how it must feel like to jump those 1.60 high jumps. The adrenalin must be pumping so bad. I would love to try out jumping as well, but Mr.Grumpy can’t handle jumps, he turns into a little nervous monster even though he is showjumping breed. So I would need to do that on another horse. 
After watching for two hours or so and helping out with the fences it was time to say goodbye to Mr.Grumpy before heading on vacation. Tonight at 2. Am I will fly out to Spain to stay there for a week. Will miss him loads, but I know he is in good hands. The blog will go on as usual, just with less grumpy photos. 
Some photos from today. 


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