First time in the forrest 

Yaay, we did it! First time in the Forrest together. 
First we had a relaxing jog inside as it was competition in the outdoor arena the whole day. He has been trained every day this week so it was good for him to relax a bit and just stretch out his muscles. Thereafter me and another rider decided to go for a hack in the Forrest. The surroundings around the stable is beautiful so it was so nice to be outside. I thought I was going to be more scared, but I really felt relaxed. We started off facing a blue plastic sheet waving in the wind and a neighbor with a water hose so after that I realized that if that didn’t scare him, not much would. 
Lately I’ve been on a small mission to face all the fears I have. I used to be such a fearless person, but unfortunately due to nasty people I’ve built up some over the last few years. It feels good to let them go. It’s not so fun facing them, but you feel so good afterwards! 
After the hack I let Mr.Grumpy roll in the sand while I cleaned all of his tack and the tack closet. It was quite an undergoing, but once don’t it felt good. For the next two weeks I will be travelling for work and have vacation, so I have arranged for my extra riders to ride him, but when I have time I will drop by him to cuddle a little. Will miss him loads. Once back its training to get far enough to start competitions. Before the summer is over we should be there! 
Here are some pictures from today. I managed to forget my camera when we went into the Forrest so no proof of that I’m afraid. 

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