Flesh wounds 

Yesterday I had to throw in the towel when it came to riding. I’ve been riding in my new boots for a week now, but unfortunately riding them in mixed with “leather knee” breeches didn’t go so well and I now have a pretty bad flesh wound on the side of my knee. We had a fantastic ride on Wednesday and Thursday so I was really bummed I couldn’t ride yesterday. Mr.Grumpy had to move, so I asked the girl that will look after him when I am on vacation if she wanted to ride him. It was only her second time, but it went really well. I just sat there thinking about how beautiful he is. Haha.

Tomorrow there is a dressage competition at my stable the whole day so my plan is to warm him up inside and then go outside for a little hack. Can’t wear my boots so will have to do it in my jodhpurs, hopefully it will go well.

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