Training plan W/26

training plan week26

Time flies, another week is upon us. I was meant to upload this yesterday, but I was so sick I couldn’t even move from my bed. Luckily my instructor took care of Mr.Grumpy and put him on the lunge so that I could get better again. Today I feel a lot better, but I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder, which hurts really badly. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning its better.

I’ve also had a discussion with my instructor regarding Mr.Grumpy’s food. I’ve tried for a while now to get his fat percentage lower, but for some reason he just won’t go down. He is built in a way that you don’t easily see it, but he has too much fat at the moment that has to be trained off. She was afraid he would get a bit too hot for me, but we are going to try a new mix and see if it works, hopefully we will see the fruits of that soon. Now onto my training plan:

MONDAY : Lunged by instructor, she always drills him so I’m sure he had a good exercise.

TUESDAY : Lease rider rides

WEDNESDAY : Lesson with Grand Prix rider. I am hoping my shoulder will be better, otherwise it will be a relaxed lesson. If its better I will focus on get him on the bit and listening to my aids better.

THURSDAY : Lesson from the stable owner. I really like how she focuses on “pretty” and easy rider. I am not supposed to work harder then Mr.Grumpy, so her lessons is focusing on making things easier and using the aids I have available like spurs.

FRIDAY : Lesson, from the person who rode Mr.Grumpy to quite a high dressage level. Generally by Friday I am quite tired from the days before, but instead of getting into a sloppy mood, this week Im going focus on using the information I’ve learned in the previous lessons the day before. I really need to become more consistent.

SATURDAY : Lease rider rides

SUNDAY : Hopefully the weather is good so that I can ride outside and take him for a hack.

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