Training plan week 25

training plan week25
I thought I would start posting the training plans we have every week. I will start posting these on monday’s, was just a bit late this week.
MONDAY : Lunging. Yesterday we practiced full trott. He has a tendency to start cantering, because he thinks this is easier to do. But yesterday he did really well.
TUESDAY :Lease rider rides
WEDNESDAY : Lesson with Grand Prix rider. Focus on transition work, left canter and how to give the correct aids.
THURSDAY : Lesson from the stable owner. Focus on giving correct aids, left canter and overall riding “prettier” and better.
FRIDAY : Lesson, from the person who rode Mr.Grumpy to quite a high dressage level. Focus on sitting correctly and making him listening to my aids.
SATURDAY : Lease rider rides
SUNDAY : Mr.Grumpy has off this day so he will just be relaxing and have a couple of walks in the walker and be outside. I will be dancing on a festival.
Cant wait to ride tomorrow, will be using my new boots. Hello to blisters 😉

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