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This week went by so fast! I have changed the schedule of Mr.Grumpy a little bit, which means I now ride in lessons 3 days in a row – Wednesday/ Thursday and Friday and then I use Sunday to excersize what I learned. So far it’s turned out to be a great idea as I then continuously get to remember what I had to do the previous lesson and bring it into the next one. So this week both Thursday and Friday lessons went really well. I’ve almost managed to find the “button” for his left canter, which makes me so relieved and happy. I’ve also worked a lot on making the transitions better, which is really important if we want to do competitions.

Besides this I also took my next step in riding in the forrest. On Wednesday after the lesson I walked/cooled down on the “rondje” which is like a gallop circle, but slightly in the forrest and Thursday we walked/cooled down on the parking terrain of the stable. Normally I never dare to do this as I get so afraid of cars and dogs, but my friends pushed me and after a while I could finally relax and we had a laugh.

So overall a really good week! Hope yours was good to.

Below you can see a selection of this week’s photos.

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