Miss my man 

This weekend my bestfriend came over from Norway, so I only got to see Mr.Grumpy for a short while on Sunday when we visited the stable. For the last 5 months I’ve been riding more or less everyday, so it was really weird to be away from him for so many days. Luckily he was very well taken care of by my extra riders that for example took him to the Forrest. It’s good to know that I have people that can take really well care of him when I don’t have time. Tomorrow it’s finally back to riding again.

As my private lesson with one of my instructors went so well last week I am just going to focus on continue what we practiced then and keep my heels down and stomach muscles on the entire lesson. Hopefully the beautiful weather that is going on right now will last so that we can ride outside. I’ll keep you updated on how it went!


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