Horse Bit 

I find the world of bits incredible difficult, there are so many out there with really random names. I recently bought a new one for Mr.Grumpy that was based on what he had before, but a better quality one. When I stood at the store there were so many and I noticed the shoplady didn’t have much knowledge either. So Maria did what she does every time she doesn’t know something, she googled. I found these info sheets below that I found really helpful. Maybe they can help you to in your search for a new bit. Otherwise I would recommend getting a bit expert to look at your horses mouth, might be expensive there and then, but if you keep buying bits, that’s expensive to. And your horse will thank you for it. 

Which bit do you use? 

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  1. No one should use a bit! Bits are cruel and cause unnecessary pain to a horse. I have been researching for three months and I have seen scientifically proven facts that bits injure horses. And yes I’ve seen both sides of the argument and the people that go with bits don’t even have a good excuse!

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