Competition jacket

Yesterday I was enjoying watching combinations ride at the dressage competition at my barn the whole day. Mr.Grumpy has done plenty of competitions, both in jumping,crossing as well as dressage, but I’ve never done one before. However while watching all of these combinations I started thinking that I would like to give it a go to.

I do already own the white breeches and white saddle pad that you need, but I would still need  a competition jacket and shirt. They really do come in all sorts of prices, but I must say that I most likely won’t pay more then 100 euro for one. The only issue for me is that I’m pretty small and compact, wearing a normal blazer for me is a nightmare, let alone finding one. I did have a look online to see if I could find some nice ones, but will have to go to the store this weekend  to see how they fit. Below you can see a selection of some in various prices.

From top left:

  1. Equi-theme white softshell – 145 euro
  2. Busse Gera Soft  – 130 euro
  3. Equi-theme color softshell – 140 euro
  4. Harry’s Horses Jewels – 99 euro
  5. Harry’s Horses superstar – 99 euro
  6. Imperial Riding snowfall softshell – 174 euro
  7. Kingsland Casual – 164 euro
  8. Kingston Arena ladies – 90 euro
  9. Pikeur Tosca – 220 euro
  10. Spooks stripes – 280 euro

I really like the blue Equi-theme one!

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