Arrow to the head

Yesterday when I was about to go to Mr.Grumpy I suddenly got really dizzy and nauseous, as I had been the same the night before I didn’t understand what was going on. However when I started thinking back to what I had been doing on Saturday I realized I probably suffered a light concussion of some sort. On saturday I went to this BBQ with my gym where you could shoot with Bow and Arrow. Unfortunately a guy decide to use my head as a target instead of the actually target and launched one straight into the side of my back-head. It hurt right there and then, but then I forgot about it till I got ill. So unfortunately no riding Mr.Grumpy for me yesterday and today. I will go to him later to give him some carrots though, cant go to long without seeing my big furry friend. He’s been ridden by his extra rider, so luckily he’s not been standing still.

Miss my funny buddy.

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