New Riding Boots

Finally after quite some time saving I will be able to buy new riding boots. Now I just ride with a pretty cheap, pretty shabby pair of a random brand leather boots. However if I want to ride competitions I need to get myself a new pair.

I’ve been researching a bit for different ones, but still haven’t fully figured out which ones I want to buy. As the price for leather boots are quite steep I want to make sure I know exactly which pair I want before spending so much money. The ones I’ve been checking out are from the brands : Derby, de Niro, Amazona sueca Petrie and Cavallo. Here are some of the options I am looking at:

Cavallo – Grand Prix Plus

Cavallo – Piaffe Plus

Petrie – Olympic

Petrie – Allure

However I think this pair is the one I will come home with. The Petrie Allure.
What do you think? 


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