Goals 2016

As 2016 will be our first proper year together I’ve set up a few goals that we are working towards. I think its important to have goals to be able to improve and get to know eachother better.

  • Left Canter

As you’ve probably(hopefully) read before we are having problems with the left canter. He has a tendency to counter canter instead of just going into the left canter. He is not doing this with any other riders, so its a miscomunication between us that I need to fix. If I go from walk directly to counter we have no problem, its from trot to canter it comes up. This one should be gone in a couple of months hopefully. He did a great job in fridays lesson atleast.

  • Competitions

My ultimate goal with competitions this is to start in B and hopefully ride that out. Mr.Grumpy knows everything up to level Z, so it shouldnt be that difficult. Once I have the left canter under control and feel I can do a round well I am going to start.

  • Riding in the forrest

Mr.Grumpy is stalled in an area with great hacking possibilities. A short ride away you can also find mile long beaches which I would love to ride on one day. Unfortunately my anxiety for riding outside is pretty bad, but its sometime we are really practicing on now that the weather has become better. He is super calm and nice outside, so I just need to sit back and relax myself. Hopefully by the end of the year we can ride alone in the forrest.

  • Flying changes

This one is more for fun. As he is a retired eventer/jumper he does them really easily. Hopefully by the end of the year we will go from doing a single change to a double. Plus we need to do the single ones more smoothly and prettier.

  • Overall

However the most important goal is to just get to know eachother and have fun. I am an beginning equestrian and I therefor bought Mr.Grumpy as a learning master which he has already really proven himself in. I’ve learned so much the last half year, cant wait for what the future will bring for us.

Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to write that we have reached them all!

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